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Flea Market Deluxe is an environmental festival with second hand, recycle design, designers and also art and music inspired by environment and recycling! The event is open to the public and takes place in Uppsala, Sweden.

The purpose of arranging Flea Market Deluxe is to inspire students and the public to shop second hand and to recycle as a sustainable alternative for consumption. Flea Market is arranged at Smålands nation in Uppsala a couple of times per semester, you’ll find the event at the Facebook-group. Flea Market Deluxe events:

2013- Spring

Sunday 27th of January at Smålands nation, 11-15.00

 2012- Autumn

Sunday 2th of September at Smålands nation, 10-16.00

The organizers of the Flea Market Deluxe are interested in recycling and sustainability and arrange the FMD voluntary:

Stephanie Thurow, Flea market-responsible at Smålands nation

Sarah Åkerfeldt, responsible for environment issues at Smålands nation

Kattis Aslanido, musician (Sadness Theory)

Annika Engman, social work student and artist



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